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Executive Team

Wes Allison - President/Chief Executive Officer
Dustin Coufal - General Manager
JD Ewing - Vice President , Strategic Planning
Melinda Moss - Chief Business Officer

Agricultural Events & Competitions

Emily Williams - Senior Division Manager, Ag & Competitive Events
Hannah Eichman - Director of Ag Events

Marketing & Sponsorship

Diana Crow- Sponsorship Director
Erin James - Communications Coordinator

Event Operations & Facility Services

Robert Ellis - Senior Division Manager of Event Operations and Facility Services
David Smith - Director, Extraco Show Pavilion

Sports & Entertainment

Jason Elliott - Vice President, Sports & Entertainment
Mattie Hawthorne - BASE Sales & Service Director
Maddie Pitts - Sports & Entertainment Coordinator

Volunteer Management

Katy Fehler - Senior Division Manager, Volunteer Program
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